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We Are Among The Top 1/2 of 1%
 Of The Licensed Professional
Real Estate Teams In The Country Who Are Successful In Assisting Homeowners Facing Foreclosure!

So how did we become so successful so fast,  Here is our short history!

We felt it was absolutely necessary, that we enter the distressed homeowners market in a huge way, especially after witnessing
so many homeowners, who were not being represented properly nor honorably! 

There seemed to be a lack of information for homeowners, on steps to take, to save their home from foreclosure.  And, there definitely was a lack of understanding and training by realtors who claimed they could assist them successfully.

Therefore, in 2009, we attended over 15 sanctioned training seminars in the country, sponsored by realtor organizations.  We received numerous accreditations  and certifications.   But we recognized a huge void in the process --- we sensed a one sided perception to the home owners recovery from these trying times,

Without hesitation, we approached the banking industry and managed to affiliate with two major and very expensive  training and coaching programs that gave us  a completely different perspective of the housing market, and the misfortune of America's homeowners.

Today we are now offering clients, the services of one of the most

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dynamic real estate teams in the country, who truly understands the loan modification and short sale processes, inside and out. 

To provide optimum service for our buyer and seller clients, we have organized partnerships with real estate professionals, agents, investors, legal law firms, title and escrow companies, and even own and operate a new advanced training institute for Realtors - the Distressed Home Sale Institute.

With these experiences in 2009, we took our vast and very comprehensive training, and built a business model that would improve Loan Modification and Short Sale outcomes, for those suffering financial hardship.

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